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The quiet and calm city of Hua Hin welcomes tourists with incredible friendliness.  Smiling people, cozy cafes, shopping malls, beautiful temples, white sands on the beach; what else could you ask for a great vacation?  This being the favourite city of the great King Rama 9. Easy Thai Transfers is here to help, giving you practical advice.

It is worth remembering that Thailand is a completely different country with its own rules and peculiarities.  So that you don’t get into an awkward situation on vacation, we prepared a small reminder on the most important points:


Whilst you can walk around the city in almost any clothing, locals do consider it disrespectful to visit public places in a swimsuit.  This kind of clothing is suitable for the beach or pool.  Even going down to bathing places in the elevator, the locals prefer to put something on to cover themselves.

When entering a temples and Royal parks, you should cover your knees and shoulders.  See through suits or t-shirts that show your belly will not be allowed.

When entering a temple or residential Thai home, be sure to take off your shoes.  This shows  respect to the owners.

Images of Buddha and the King;  Both of them are Holy in the Kingdom.  Do not stain or try to damage them.  Also, try not to give any rude opinions about the Royal family, you can get big fine for this or even a prison sentence.


If you decide to go to a movie theatre, do not forget to grab some warm clothing.  Sometimes in cinemas it’s really cold with strong air-conditioning.  Movies/Films are generally in English or Thai languages.  Before the start of the movie, you’ll always hear the Royal anthem, which you respectfully listen to while standing.


Staff are fond of receiving small rewards for their work, whether it’s a waiter, taxi driver, massage lady or a maid at the hotel; most will not refuse a pleasant addition to the salary.

In restaurants, it’s nice to leave around 10 to 15% of the total bill, this is generally only if the service is not included on the receipt; do check this.  In most places, tip are not asked for or fixed, the decision to give being up to you.


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In the list of items prohibited for export you will find corals, shells, Buddha figures above 15 cm, durian and other items.  Be careful when deciding on exporting of prohibited items, they may be taken away during an inspection at the airport, and in some cases you may be fined or even receive a prison sentence.  Thailand also prohibits export of other things, such as wildlife, ivory and other more serious items; for these the penalties can be extreme.

Local population 

Thai mentality recognises the raising your voice on another person as very rude.  Locals call it “loss of face”, from our point of view it is disrespectful not only toward the person you are talking to, but also to people around you.

It’s impolite to expose the sole of your foot/feet to people.  The feet are considered the dirtiest part of the body, so the biggest insult towards Thai people is if you touch their heads with your foot.  Local residents are also sensitive to personal space, so it’s better to restrain the desire to hug or pat the head of a stranger.

In Hua Hin, a large percentage of the population speaks English.  It’s great if you know the language well, but if not, a number of translation programs will help you.

As you can see, there aren’t so many rules, and they do not limit your freedoms.  Follow these regular rules and your vacation will go by without issues.  Common sense and respect always work well.  If you still have questions, do not hesitate to ask.

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